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I am originally from Zimbabwe, but spent the past 4 years in Mozambique where I taught farmers in the buffer zone around a massive national park, how to farm using organic methods. I worked for a non profit humanitarian organisation that is helping rebuild the national park and working with the people living around the park.

I am a keen herpetologist and one of my roles in Mozambique, was to catch venomous snakes in camp and release them in the park where they would not come into contact with people. I am mad about the wilds and was fortunate to grow up in the wilderness and develop a great love for the flora and fauna of the region.

I have many photos of my life in Africa and will post them over a period of time.

Welcome gnorvall! How lovely to have you with us. Thanks for the informative "hello" it is nice to see who we are talking to - if you know what I mean:D.
What fantastic work you do and it sounds so interesting - it would be lovely to see some images in the gallery soon of these snakes and other wildlife you come in contact with through your work.
Enjoy the site I look forward to hearing and seeing more about Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Smile

Yes, welcome, I too look forward to seeing your pics. Also I'm keen to know how your buffer zones work - something that is often forgotten when nature reserves are designated. Smile

Hi gnorvall and welcome from me too.
Your life sounds very interesting and rewarding, and like the others I look forward to hearing more and seeing some photos of where you are and what you see in your part of the world!:cool:
Great to have you here and see you around the forums.
Suzanne Smile

Nice to meet you !
Welcome to this forum! I was impressed by your introduction.
Let's join and share your opinion
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