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What do Grasshoppers Eat?

What do Grasshoppers Eat?

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Last week someone asked me what do grasshoppers eat and I guessed they probably eat smaller insects, but then after a while I reliased that I don't what do grasshoppers eat? are they ground feeders or do they leap on prey? are some even vegetarians?

Grass mainly although some - particularly the dreaded locust - will eat many different plants. Grasshoppers are predominantly vegetarian in contrast to crickets which will eat almost anything.

Here's a useful summary on grasshoppers .... Grasshopper Information

Grasshoppers prefer one food source, such as corn or alfalfa, but when food is scarce they eat a variety of plants, shrubs and trees. A grasshopper will eat its own weight in green food in about 16 hours. As they feed on their living host, they cause sterility in female grasshoppers. When the worms complete their growth inside the grasshopper, they kill the insect by forcing their way through the body wall. Grasshoppers ingest hair worms when they eat leaves where hair worm females have laid eggs. They are harmless to nature.

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