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what do crocodiles eat

what do crocodiles eat

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what do crocodiles eat? I mean I know they eat some big animals like zebra, but what else do crocodiles eat? Do they eat fish? What do crocodiles eat around the world in Australia, Africa, saltwater crocodiles, freshwater crocodiles

Crocodiles are meat eaters and adults will eat, fish, turtles, mammals including zebra and young hippos big cats and people!
Hatchlings eat small prey like insects and frogs. It seems remarkable that the Nile crocodile (found in most parts of Africa south of the Sahara, the Nile valley and Madagasca in swamps, lakes and rivers – even as far as 10km out to sea) that can survive up to a year without food.
They use different techniques for hunting, from laying in wait close to shore with only their eyes above the water for animals to come and drink. The croc’ lunges at its victim seizing it between its jaws, or fells it with a blow from its tail. They will also rush animals or herd schools of fish into a bay with its tail.

Here are a couple of great images of "Blacks" taken at the Taken at Bonamanzi Game Reserve, South Africa. I thought they would slip nicely into this thread. Those teeth are a pretty scary prospect, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near them!

We have a freshwater croc in Australia which is a fish eater. However the saltewater croc will eat anythjing it can get hold of. They can run fster than humans and have been known to take people of the river bank. Recently a bloke on the run from the cops hid behind a bush near the river. He was grabbed by the head by a croc and was very lucky to escape, but escape he did and was happy to enter into police custody for treatment to his head wounds

The Jolly Swagman;2623 wrote:
Recently a bloke on the run from the cops hid behind a bush near the river. He was grabbed by the head by a croc and was very lucky to escape, but escape he did and was happy to enter into police custody for treatment to his head wounds

He was lucky:eek:. There can't be too many people who would go through that and live to tell the tale!

I heard once - I forget where now, that people who wrestle crocodiles to impress on lookers may appear, strong but as long as they can hold the jaws shut the crocodile's jaw muscles are not actually strong enough to force their mouth open!

Crocs rule...i love them...the closest living animals on this planet that resembles a dinosaur..the closest link we have.

I learnt all my croc knowledge from watching Steve Irwin...the greatest croc man ever in my fave thing about crocs is that they can launch themselves skywards to catch prey...seeing them jump upwards is amazing.

They do eat practically anything but we must illiterate that although they have been known to catch and kill humans it is not a common occurance and we shouldn't fear got more chance of being run over than being eaten by a croc. You just have to be careful and respect them...anyone who does get eaten by a croc...well what can i say...they should have had more understanding and not taken risks...

An intriguing group - evolved before the dinosaurs and survived (so far) long after them.
An interesting find recently of five fossil species, three new to science, in Morocco and nearby - including a 7m long one which could perhaps run upright over land EEK! :-
3 new ancient crocodile species fossils found | World news |

Also interesting is that some of the smaller species were apparently vegetarian ....

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